GECKO has finalized the 2014 Events Calendar

GECKO has finalized the 2014 Events Calendar. Which one will we see you at?!

As a friend of GECKO please help us spread the word about our cool races, or even better participate, sponsor or volunteer. It's for a great cause!

There are lots of new exciting races and distances this year, plus all the old favorites.

There’s more information on the website at or contact or contact Race Director Mike Le Roux on 970 398 0612, email or

Here is an overview of the 2014 GECKO Events Calendar:

 Sat May 24th. 10am

Chow Down Doggy Dash & Dawdle 3k & 5k (City Market precinct)

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Sat June 7th. 8am                              

XTERRA Turkey Track Trail Marathon, ½ marathon, 10k, 5k all on scenic 100% single track (Turkey Springs)


Fri July 4th. 8am

Star Spangled Shuffle 3k & 5k (Town Hall/Community Center Car Park precinct)

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Sat July 19th.  8am

8 hour of Wolf Creek Mountain Bike & Trail Run (Wolf Creek Ski Area)

Registration details to be confirmed                                                                   

Sat August 2nd.   9am                    

XTERRA Pagosa Springs Off-Road Triathlon 1.5km swim/16 mile bike/6.2 mile trail run (Sullenberger Reservoir, Cloudcap Avenue)


Sun August 3rd.     9am                          

The PLOW Pagosa Lakes Open Water Swim Challenge 1 mile and ½ mile swim (Sullenberger Reservoir, Cloudcap Avenue)


Sat August 23rd.       630am

Devil Mountain Ultra 50k and 50miles – One hell of a run! Followed by Bonfire, Camping and a Pancake breakfast (Turkey Springs)


Sat August 23rd.       12pm                

Demons of Dust 5k, 10k & ½ marathon trail hike/run (Turkey Springs)


Sun September 7th.   7am               

Rocky Mountain High-est (Leadville, Co Road Marathon and Half Marathon)


Sat September 27th. 830am               

Mountain Chile Cha Cha Festival 5k, 10k, ½ marathon on downtown trails, followed by a free concert and Green Chile cook off (Town Park, Hermosa Str)


Sat December 6th. 10am

Sweaty Santa 3k & 5k Fun Run/Walk (Ross Aragon Community Center)

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EPIC 2013 Athlete Testimonials

Thinking about racing the Epic Mountain Challenge this year? This is what athletes that raced had to say about their experience.

"One helluva weekend of racing-vacation" Joseph Gray

 “The Epic Mountain Challenge was a very well executed event last year, bringing together some of the best mountain bikers in the country and a few international stars. “ Josiah Middaugh

 “A challenging and competitive event with a fun, family-friendly atmosphere.” Travis Macy

“I left the EPIC Mountain Challenge feeling as though I was part of a new family.  Incredible group of participants with plenty of time to make new friends, extremely genuine and organized promoters/volunteers, enormous/equal prize money, and an "epic" ;) course layout.  Looking forward the EMC 2014 more then any other event this year. “ Heidi Rentz

"This was one of the greatest races I did.  Not only was the half marathon course challenging yet exciting (I was the runner), but the camaraderie among not only teammates, but also other teams was wonderful and special.  Everyone was cheering for everyone, regardless of what team they were on.  The anticipation of waiting for results and rankings made every minute of the weekend thrilling, yet nerve racking.  Everything about the race and weekend was something I had a hard time leaving.” Stevie Kremer

"Ben (Allen) and I always look to challenge our abilities both mentally and physically. The Epic Mountain challenge offered us a unique opportunity to go beyond our limitations in trail running and mountain biking. We discovered a new pain and mental toughness we had never encountered before and the competition was second to none racing against world class multi-sport athletes all champions in their own fields of XTERRA, trail running and mountain biking. Set in the stunning town of Pagosa Springs The Epic Mountain challenge catered well for all athletes and offered a wonderful friendly atmosphere through out the whole weekend. Ben and I had a blast, learnt a lot  and will be back next year for sure!" Jacqui Slack

 “The Epic Mountain Challenge lived up to its name. As it was truly Epic.  I have never seen some many top quality athletes so thoroughly destroyed by a race and yet loving every minute.”
Joshua Merrick

 "Epic Mountain Challenge is a unique multi-sport stage race, in spectacular surroundings. Make a weekend of it - small town feel with big heart and a lot of adventure on offer." Dan Hugo

 “I have such great memories from the Epic Mountain Challenge weekend! A highlight of 2013 for sure, can't wait for 2014!” Emma Garrard

GECKO to launch Highest Road Marathon and ½ Marathon in Leadville, Colorado

This September 7th athletes around the world will have a new highest road marathon and half marathon to add to the extreme sports bucket list: The inaugural Rocky Mountain High-est

Starting and finishing in the historic town of Leadville, Co. at the breath taking elevation of 10,152’ the race runs an incredibly scenic paved route along the bases of several of Colorado’s 14,000’ peaks.

The town of Leadville is no stranger to iconic athletic events, having hosted the Leadville Race Series, including trail 100 mountain bike and trail 100 running events, for decades. The Rocky Mountain High-est Road Marathon and Half Marathon will round out Leadville’s annual offering with an early Fall race, coinciding with the changing of the leaves, and cementing the cache as a premier racing destination for both trail and road runners.

The race is presented and staged by GECKO (Give Every Child Knowledge of the Outdoors) a 501(c)(3) non profit created by passionate ultra endurance athlete Morgan Murri, who is a 5 time Leadville trail marathon, 4 time Leadville trail 100 run and 5 time Leadville trail 100 mile bike finisher including a 2013 podium place for his race on a single speed. “My love for the community of Leadville is tied to more than 20 years of racing and training in the town and making friendships and achieving accomplishments that have shaped my life. Our desire with this event is to offer that experience and share the amazing history and beauty of this community with a broader range of athletes. The challenge of this event is simply focused on the altitude. The accomplishment comes in completing the race while enjoying all the beauty here, in both the local people and the scenery. Even if it means you are little cross-eyed as you view it!” Says Murri.

Murri has teamed up with Australian Mike Le Roux as Race Director to stage world-class events, which Murri started in his hometown of Pagosa Springs Colorado, in 2008. Le Roux brings a wealth of experience to the mix, including his own racing background, having won the 2010 Ultraman World Championships and currently holding the record for 100 miles on trails in Australia. Le Roux and Murri have been working tirelessly with the town of Leadville and Lake County to create a route that will inspire runners from all over the world. The Rocky Mountain High-est skirts Turquoise Lake and winds through the bowl beneath the 14ers of the Sawatch mountain range. The course is mostly flat with some gentle climbs and plenty of downhill.

In addition to the race, GECKO will continue its charitable work of  “paying it forward” and getting kids "unplugged, off the couch and outside.” Rocky Mountain High-est will include a kid’s only free fun race. Additionally Murri is liaising with Leadville schools for local applications for GECKO scholarships. To this end GECKO has also worked closely with long time friend and local Leadville businesswoman, Donna Chapman, to ensure that the race reflects the community and their needs. Chapman, an entrepreneur with interests in several Leadville businesses including City on a Hill Coffee & Espresso, Leadville Outdoors, Leadville Running Company and Two Guns Distillery, commented “I am elated to have the opportunity to partner with a quality organization like GECKO and excited to showcase Leadville to a new running demographic. Leadville Outdoors and Leadville Running Company are aligned with Morgan and Mike’s passion of giving back to the community and children. I have witnessed, through participating and spectating, Morgan’s team seamlessly execute top-notch events in Pagosa Springs. GECKO’s events are motivating, challenging, fun, organized, and provide recurring benefit to the community.

Registration for the event is currently open at All GECKO events are listed here.


EPIC Results

Here are the overall results for the Epic Mountain Festival


EPIC Solo – Men

                                           1/2 MARATHON    MOUNTAIN BIKE XC    10k    MTB TT    Overall

1st: Josiah Middaugh    1:29:38.959    1:18:17.061    0:35:57.445    0:08:27.051    3:32:20.516

2nd: Howard Grotts    1:31:07.658    1:16:58.634    0:37:50.692    0:08:16.426    3:34:13.410

3rd: Brian Smith    1:31:30.533    1:21:31.522    0:36:00.764    0:08:46.186    3:37:49.005

4th: Jason Donald    1:28:38.744    1:25:58.110    0:35:32.309    0:08:52.533    3:39:01.696

5th: Bradley Weiss (South Africa)   1:33:56.298    1:23:11.759    0:38:18.689    0:09:03.162    3:44:29.908

Epic Solo – Female

                                        1/2 MARATHON    MOUNTAIN BIKE XC    10k    MTB TT    Overall

1st: Emma Garrard    1:44:55.833    1:33:00.281    0:41:06.914    0:10:26.335    4:09:29.363

2nd: Heidi Rentz    1:47:21.489    1:33:16.894    0:43:42.268    0:10:59.445    4:15:20.096

3rd: Shonny Vanlandingham    1:47:54.305    1:38:45.623    0:43:42.628    0:10:56.682    4:21:19.238

4th: Renata Bucher (Switzerland)   1:53:24.174    1:33:42.223    0:44:52.695    0:10:41.496    4:22:40.588

5th: Fabiola Corona (Mexico)   1:52:44.455    1:40:14.996    0:43:18.912    0:11:14.424    4:27:32.787

Epic Duo – Open Team

                                        (Runner & Biker) 1/2 MARATHON    MOUNTAIN BIKE XC    10k    MTB TT    Overall

1st: Joseph Gray & Russell Finsterwald    1:21:41.013    1:15:42.261    0:32:22.954    0:08:24.854    3:18:11.082

2nd: Mcdonard Ondara (Kenya) & Michael McCalla   1:21:37.833    1:20:11.348    0:32:01.302    0:08:39.489    3:22:29.972

3rd: Jared Scott & Bryan Alders    1:25:29.735    1:17:04.159    0:34:15.553    0:08:45.977    3:25:35.424

4th: Sylvan Ellefson & Taylor Sheldon    1:30:03.084    1:17:33.237    0:35:33.478    0:08:30.354    3:31:40.153

5th: Greg Krause & Mike Friedberg   1:33:35.857    1:17:18.002    0:36:46.475    0:08:48.438    3:36:28.772

Epic Duo – Female Team

                                           (Runner & Biker) 1/2 MARATHON    MOUNTAIN BIKE XC    10k    MTB TT    Overall

1st:  Lindsay Krause & Megan Carrington 1:46:31.562    1:30:11.323    0:41:03.183    0:10:12.663    4:07:58.731

2nd: Rachel Viele & Gretchen Reeves    1:46:38.052    1:30:55.823    0:40:36.779    0:10:24.426    4:08:35.080

3rd: Stevie Kremer & Sarah Stubbe   1:39:09.015    1:49:36.299    0:38:41.746    0:13:03.299    4:20:30.359

4th: Flora Duffy & Courtenay Brown    1:58:38.449    1:33:26.523    0:43:10.114    0:10:47.325    4:26:02.411

5th: Jaime Brede and Marlee Dixon    1:57:16.547    1:35:12.852    0:45:08.482    0:11:19.732    4:28:57.613


Individual events:

Trail Half Marathon

Overall Male winner: Mcdonard Ondara (Open Team) 1 hour 21 minutes

Overall Female winner: Stevie Kramer (Female Team) 1 hour 39 minutes

The Hub Hammer 20 mile Cross Country Mountain Bike

Overall Male winner: Russell Finsterwald (Open Team) 1 hour 15 minutes

Overall Female winner: Megan Carrington (Female Team) 1 hour 30 minutes

10km Road Running Criterion

Overall Male winner: McDonard Ondara (Open Team) 32 minutes 01 seconds

Overall Female winner: Stevie Kramer (Female Team) 38 minutes 41 seconds

Rez D’Huez 3k Uphill Mountain Bike Time Trial

Overall Male winner: Howard Grotts (Epic Solo) 8 minutes 16 seconds

Overall Female winner: Megan Carrington (Female Team) 10 minutes 12 seconds

#1 Race Update for Epic Mountain Challenge Racers

Hello Epic Mountain Challengers

Team GECKO is looking forward to meeting each and every one of you this weekend for the Epic Mountain Challenge EPIC = Mountain[Run+Ride]2

Here is some important information pertaining to the race and the weekend. Please read this carefully. Supplemental information is on the website at 

Bib / Packet Pick up for Solo and Team Event athletes

BIB / Packet Pick up will be held on Friday, October 4th at our host venue the Springs Resort & Spa (EcoLux Conference Room) from 4pm to 7pm. Access is via the rear car park and entrance into the new Springs Resort building. ID will be required for pick up. Late registrations will be allowed at this time. Online registrations close tonight at midnight (Weds 2nd Oct).



Friends and family will be able to register for the individual events (half-marathon on trails, XC 20 mile Mtb race and 10k road run – 7 hot laps) on the day of the event as well as on Friday night. Only online entries are guaranteed a swag-filled race bag.

Epic Schedule of Events

Please refer to the link below for a detailed listing and schedule of events. There is plenty of entertainment for Friends, Family & Supports so please share the link with them. Dinners, Breakfast, Awards, Elite Q&A and all entertainment are listed on this schedule.

Here is a map of the event

Join us for Meals – compliments of GECKO and the Pagosa Springs Restaurant Community

You are your guests are invited to complimentary meals throughout the weekend, including Dinners (Friday and Saturday) in the Big Top and complimentary Breakfast (Saturday and Sunday). Our local restaurants has joined together to cater the whole weekend for you, and we’d love to have you all join us for meals. Please let your guests and supporters know that they are welcome to attend with you and share the Epic action. We will post the delicious menu to Facebook shortly. Beer will be on sale on Saturday and Sunday, and an aid station for athletes (thanks Clif Company!) will be located in the B OK Corral all weekend, with plenty of goodies to help you rejuvenate. Refer to the Epic schedule for times

Social Media – Live action updates

Follow the Epic Action Live! Thanks to Crushwave Design & Ideavise we will have live updates on Twitter and Facebook throughout the weekend.

We have recently started our social media feeds for Epic Mountain Challenge and we will be posting important updates, so make sure you Like and Follow us there.

JoinGECKO Facebook * Epic Mountain Challenge Facebook

@joinGECKO  @EpicRunRide2 Use the Hashtag #EpicRR2

Directions & Parking

If you’re not staying with our host accommodation The Springs Resort & Spa, follow Hot Springs Boulevard from Highway 160 to The Springs Resort & Spa.

Designated car parking will be via the rear access to The Springs Resort & Spa car parking area. 

Course Maps

Course maps can be found at:

Stage 1 Bull & Bar 1/2 Marathon Trail Race

Stage-2. The HUB Hammer XC MTB Race 19.5 Miles

Stage-3. EPIC Criterium 10k Road Run

Stage-4. Rez D’Huez Mountain Bike Time Trial

Event map

Weather Forecast

The most accurate weather updates can be found at  At this stage, Saturday s forecast is looking at a High of 52F and Lo of 28F. Please come prepared for all weather and cold conditions in the morning and evening. In the mountains the weather can change quickly and without warning.

In the meantime please send me an email if you have any questions

Rest up, travel safe and get ready for one Epic Weekend!

Mike Le Roux

Race Director

EPIC Program of Events, Epic Mountain Challenge 4-6th Oct Pagosa Springs CO


Pagosa Springs, CO

Friday October 4th

6pm                Ribbon Cutting

745pm           Elite Parade - Introduction of the expert athletes and their racing  

                        history. Race briefings and course information


Saturday October 5th

9am                Bull & Bar half marathon on trails

930am            B OK Corral and Epic Expo Opens (closes at 5pm)

10am              Coors Beer Garden Opens (closes at 830pm)

10am              Cheer the Elites as they start to come through the Finish line on Hot Springs Boulevard

10am              Huffy Toss (ends 12noon)

12noon           Pagosa Disc Golf Club Putting Contest

1pm                IMBA Epic Kid’s Ride (16 yrs & under) meet at The Hub Expo Tent

                      (ends 2pm) Bring your Mountain Bike or Strider/Balance bike (Free)

2pm                Pagosa Disc Golf Club Long Drive Contest

3pm                The Hub Hammer Cross Country 20 mile Mountain Bike

4pm               Ski & Bow Rack Slackline demonstration

415pm           Cheer the Elites as they start to come through the Finish line on Hot

                        Springs Boulevard

630pm           EPIC Awards Ceremony and Day’s Racing Review, 

                         Interim Results and Photos/Video of the day. Elite Q&A

730pm           Music by DJ 21


Sunday October 6th

9am                Hot Springs Hot Laps 10k (7 laps of the River Walk)

930am            B OK Corral and Epic Expo Opens (closes at 2pm)

10am              Coors Beer Garden Opens (closes at 5pm)

930am            Cheer the Elites as they start to come through the Finish line on Hot Springs Boulevard

10am              Huffy Toss (ends 12noon)

1130am         Ski & Bow Rack Slackline demonstration

1230pm         Rez D’Huez Mountain Bike Time Trial on Reservoir Hill

2pm                Free outdoor concert with Tim Sullivan and the Narrow Gauge Band

330pm           EPIC Awards Ceremony and Awarding of the $60,000 Cash Purse

5pm                EPIC Mountain Challenge Closes

Impressive Race Career for Epic Solo Women's Entrant Fabiola Corona - Mexico

Fabiola Corona is 33 years old and hails from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, where the Tequila and Mariachi were born. 

To the end of 2012 Fabiola has raced in 262 races with188 podiums including 47 international races.

This is her story:

"Since I was born I remember the sport and competition was in my veins, instead of playing dolls in the Street, I was playing at the park with kids (football) and running all around. At school I was a member of all the teams sports.

I graduated with a degree in Communication but I don´t know what it means to do regular work, because my job had always been racing Triathlons, XTERRAs, Adventure Races, Road bikes, Mountain bikes etc.

My other facet is television programs and reality shows. Winning is my motivation. I have been in 5 TV programs like: Fear Factor 2004 (I won) and Wipeout 2011 (I won it too).

My Highlights (Top 10) in sports:

1.     Gold Medal in Central American Games. Triathlon (2006) Cartagena, Colombia.

2.     7º place in Panamerican Games. Triathlon (2007) Río de Janerio, Brasil.

3.     First Mexican Woman to qualify for Olympics Games in triathlon (2008) Beijing, China.

4.     Silver medal  World Championship Duathlon Green Cup (2009) Costa Rica.

5.     Gold medal Panamerican Championship Triathlon Cross (2010) Peru.

6.     8º place World Championship Triathlon Cross ITU (2011) Spain.

7.     Bronze medal Iberoamerican Champiosnship Duatlhlon Cross ITU (2011) Spain.

8.     4º place World Championship 70.3 Vegas (2011) age group 30-34

9.     16º place World Championship IRONMAN Kona (2011) age group 30-34

10.  13º place World Championship XTERRA Maui (2011) Elite

In 2000 I began with adventure races (my passion) I raced at Eco Challenge Fiji 2002, then I discover triathlon in 2002. 2004 I start racing MTB (nationals), 2005 XTERRAS, 2006-7-8 focus on triathlon and ITU races. 2011 began with long distances: 70.3 & IRONMAN. 2013 finally SPARTAN RACES in México!

I have race only 2 Spartans: The Super in Valle de Bravo (1º Place) 2,700 mts altitude and The Azteca Stadium Sprint (1º Place). Now I am training for the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in Vermont (The Beast). "

IMBA's National Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day event at EPIC Mountain Challenge

As part of the first annual Epic Mountain Festival GECKO and The Hub Bike Shop are partnering for IMBA's National Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day at The Springs Resort & Spa in downtown Pagosa Springs: October 5th at 1pm. Meet at the Hub booth in the Expo area at 1245pm.

Bring the kids, bring the parents, everyone is welcome to come out and share your passion for pedaling with the kids!  Kids 16 and younger will have an opportunity to be part of the EPIC action and meet some of the big names in Mountain Biking and XTERRA racing. Rides will vary by skill level and will be on dirt and single track trails so helmets are required.  

The Hub Bike Shop will be able to supply some bikes for those who need them, but please bring your bike if you have one. Have a toddler with a Strider bike?  Bring them out for a fun time of riding with other toddlers their age!  Please contact Stephen Durham at 970-444-2238 for more information, if you need a bike or if you would like to volunteer.