What Do You and Lance Armstrong Have in Common?

Answer: Access to Top-Level Coaches From
Carmichael Training Systems (CTS)!

Carmicahel Training Systems is serious about trail running. Even better, they want to support you toward the goal of running your best race ever. This is great news for you, as well as for GECKO. In an innovative move (which is a Carmichael trademark) CTS has signed on with the GECKO sponsored Colorado Trail Series to provide the tools to train for the events. Each athlete that signs up for any Colorado Trail Series events can download a CTS training plan, tailored for your event and your ability. Better yet, sign up for the complete Colorado Trail series and in addition to your CTS training plan, you’ll receive a one-on-one phone consultation with a CTS coach! This is your chance to get the expert advice you’ve always wanted! Whether you've dreamed about running your first race or having your best race ever, this is your chance to get advice from the pro's, just like Lance gets. As a signature sponsor of the Colorado Trail series, CTS is committed to getting you to the starting line in the best condition possible. Sign up now and get ready to Train Right.

Stepping it up in 2009

I hit the infamous Incline

Feeling as motivated as I've been in years I was looking for a great way to "step up" my training in the early part of the year. When the invitation came to join Chris Carmichael and the CTS crew for a customer appreciation event in Colorado Springs, combined with a Lance Armstong style killer bike workout, I packed the truck. The perfect opportunity to kick off the year, spend a day with fellow inspired athletes and get a pep talk from the best coach in the business. I checked in with my coach, and friend, Mike Durner and fellow coach Jason 'Koop' about the trip. Mike offered to let me sleep at his house and Koop invited me to join him for a run the next morning, "Have you ever done the incline?" Koop asked. I hadn't. "You'll love it". What I knew he meant was,,, I will love watching you run it, whatever "it" is. The event was great. Chris inspiring. The update on Lance's progress to win his 8th Tour and the bike training session was everything I'd hoped for. 53 people in a room on trainers, 10 or so coaches yelling encouragement, refilling bottles and pushing us on. The greatest coach in coaching pushing us all to our limits... We wrapped it up at 9:30 p.m. I tracked down Koop and he asked that we meet at the incline at 6a.m. The morning came to early, my heart-rate was still running high from the bike workout and I knew this was going to hurt. It was dark, cool and perfectly ideal for suffering. We switched on our headlights and I started to jog up the gentle path. Koop, "It's better to walk". The incline is a regionally famous piece of mountain side. The private property, no tresspassing sign in the middle of the trail serves no purpose. What it must do is relieve someone from the liability that comes with the territory. 5000 shin bashing, missaligned, off kilter steps. 2,000' of elevation gain in 1.01 miles. average grade over 20% with a max of 60%! 29minute, 51 seconds of slipping, slapping and climbing the most epic climb I've ever seen. We watched the sun rise from the top then hit the Barr trail down. With Pikes peak welcoming the morning sun I wondered if perhaps my hope of stepping it up early this year was all to real...

Montrail Joins Pagosa Trail Series


Bringing Grassroots Support to All 2009 Events Leading trail running shoe company Montrail teams up with RUNColorado Pagosa Trail Series. Montrail will be offering all race participants a shot and winning a pair of their award-winning shoes at each event as well as providing additional support, gear and involvement. "I'm so please that Montrail has agreed to support our 2009 series," says GECKO founder and RUNColorado Series Race Director, Morgan Murri. "I've used their products for years, and couldn't think of a brand that I'd rather have associated with these events." To learn more about Montrail's extensive line of shoes for trail running (and more!), visit montrail.com.

RUNColorado Trail Series - 2009


Building on the success and fun of the Mountain Chili Cha Cha is a tall order. But for 2009, we’re doing just that. Announcing the RUNColorado Pagosa Peaks Trail Race Series, sponsored by GECKO. Consisting of three events, the series will include the Turkey Track Trail Marathon, the Devil Mountain 50k Ultra and the Mountain Chili Cha Cha (event descriptions below). Come test yourself against the mountains, the altitude, the rivers and the rocks. Many of you joined us last year for a great event. This year, it’s even better. More cash, more miles, more distance options—even better t-shirts! Plus, of course our super cool GECKO awards.

In addition, RUNColorado is offering several unique benefits for athletes who wish to participate in the entire series. These include:

  • Cash awards for top three series finishers in both the men’s and women’s categories. These will be awarded for both the long and short course options.
  • A personal phone consultation with a Carmichael Training Systems coach. Take this free, no obligation opportunity to explore what coaching is all about and how a coach can positively impact your training. GECKO founder Morgan Murri has personally used Carmichael Training Systems for several years now. They also work with notable athletes like Lance Armstrong and endurance running legend Dean Karnazes. We’re confident that CTS can help you make this your best season yet.
  • Special series pricing. Sign up early for all three events and get the series entry for only $80 (short course) or $110 (long course). This has got to be the best value in trail running.

The Turkey Track Trail kicks off the season June 6th with a beautiful, early season marathon and 1/2 marathon course. This course has something for everyone, with scenic single track, rolling hills and mellow climbs. You’ll run through Aspens, Ponderosa Pines and open forest and take in some of the most breathtaking views in Southern Colorado. The Devil Mountain 50k Ultra ups the ante on July 18th. Boasting bigger climbs, higher elevations and single track trails through some of the region's oldest growth forests. It’s beautiful and remote. Not to mention the perfect mid-summer primer for Leadville or Wasatch (or just an excuse to escape the heat and get into the mountains). Mountain Chile Cha-Cha. Celebrate the series, the season, trail running and getting kids outside on Pagosa's amazing downtown trail course. This course is beautiful, challenging and remote—with a season ending wrap-up party with the famous Pagosa Springs Music and Chili Festival after the event. Come for the run, definitely stay for the food and music!

Badwater 2009 Heats Up

Does GECKO Founder Morgan Murri Have What It Takes?

Considered the "toughest foot race on earth" the 135 mile run across Death Valley to the 8,000' high portal to Mount Whitney in July is one of endurance runnings most prestigious events. Getting accepted to compete is almost as tough as finishing it once you are in. Gecko founder Morgan Murri may finally have the credentials to gain acceptance and has applied for the 2009 event. Stay tuned for news on whether or not he makes it and if so how you can support GECKO through this grueling event!