What Do You and Lance Armstrong Have in Common?

Answer: Access to Top-Level Coaches From
Carmichael Training Systems (CTS)!

Carmicahel Training Systems is serious about trail running. Even better, they want to support you toward the goal of running your best race ever. This is great news for you, as well as for GECKO. In an innovative move (which is a Carmichael trademark) CTS has signed on with the GECKO sponsored Colorado Trail Series to provide the tools to train for the events. Each athlete that signs up for any Colorado Trail Series events can download a CTS training plan, tailored for your event and your ability. Better yet, sign up for the complete Colorado Trail series and in addition to your CTS training plan, you’ll receive a one-on-one phone consultation with a CTS coach! This is your chance to get the expert advice you’ve always wanted! Whether you've dreamed about running your first race or having your best race ever, this is your chance to get advice from the pro's, just like Lance gets. As a signature sponsor of the Colorado Trail series, CTS is committed to getting you to the starting line in the best condition possible. Sign up now and get ready to Train Right.