XTERRA Turkey Track Trail Race 2013 Race In Review

Now that the dust has settled (pun intended!) we want to take a moment with you to review your race and the great day we all had together.

We also want to take a moment and thank each and every one of you for choosing to make GECKO's XTERRA Turkey Track Trail Race part of your running story and we hope that you feel as pumped up about the day (and your accomplishment) as we do. 

So here are some recaps for you:


"Runners Treated to ‘Pretty Awesome’ Trails at Turkey Track"

XTERRA's race wrap up and interview with marathon winner J.Marshall Thomson who was very complimentary of his experience. 


Facebook Photo Gallery with over 500 photos of the event!


Our local paper The Pagosa Sun's coverage before and after the race.


Local online news hub PagosaSprings.com also covered the race and took some of their own photos.


Three talented local teenagers created a sensational video edit of the race. Thanks again to Blake, Connor and Gus.


Aid station helper Muriel Eason set up her tripod and video at aid station 1 to create this cool video of all the runners coming through.


One of the marathon runners Perky Garcia took a camera with her out on the course and captured these shots of her day out.


Our new timing system worked like a dream and we were able to print out interim results throughout the day in real time. Here are the final age group and overall results.


Many of our runners came to be part of the XTERRA Colorado Trail Run Series, and the XTERRA Beaver Creek Trail Run on July 21 will be the fourth and final race of the 2013 season, which means it is the last chance for runners to earn points toward the series standings. It's a 5k and 10k trail run – check out your standings, it may be worth you heading down there to race.

Hope to see you at our next event The Mountain Chile Cha Cha o August 24th, and kick on with us for the Chile Festival and Love Music!

Yours in the Outdoors!