Pato Banton to rock Epic Mountain Challenge Awards & After party 6th October

GECKO is proud, honored and (very) excited to announce and confirm that renown Reggae artist Pato Banton will be rocking our Awards & After Party Concert at EPIC MOUNTAIN CHALLENGE on Sunday 6th Oct. Pato has always been a big supporter of GECKO and anyone that's been to a Pato Banton concert knows it's an event not to be missed and an experience not to be forgotten.

Just another reason to bring your family and your friends along for the weekend of the 5/6th October and register for this EPIC event NOW!

Check out Pato Banton's website at

Positive Vibrations abound with a beat to keep you on your dancing feet, while Pato delivers a message that is food for the mind and soul. Many have considered his charismatic performance as live theatre where no show is alike and audience members become participants in the experience. Pato dialogues with the crowd on a range of topics including current day events and spiritual freedom while keeping the vibes upbeat and fun!  The direction of the concert is totally based on the feedback Pato receives from the audience as there is no fixed set list.  Many have said that the positivity generated from the stage has changed their lives forever.