Harvest moon, bonfire, hundreds of athletes, friends and families and 50 miles of EPIC trail ensured 

that the 2012 Devil Mountain Ultra was a very special event. 

A new course record in the 50 mile, a better harder, more challenging trail at the tail end of the 50K
and an all new 1/2 marathon route were just a few of the day's highlights! 
And, as always (and a great refection of what GECKO is all about) some young kid made his mark on the race. 
11 year old Blaze forged alone along the 1/2 marathon route and finished a strong 2nd place in the under 19 category.
Why was he alone in the woods? Simple. Both his parents were hammering it out on the 50 mile course! Is that cool or what? 
While most kids would stay home with friends or a sitter and play video games Blaze grabbed his water bottle, lined up and conquered 13.1 miles of tough, challenging terrain. Nice!

A fitting end to a fine day.

Thank you all for coming out for "One Hell of a Run!"