Race Rules and Instructions for 8 Hours of Wolf Creek

This is a distance over time race. Meaning the final placement, within each category, will be determined by the person or team that covers the most distance (Laps) within the 8-hour time limit.


Placement: Should a person or team complete the same distance (number of laps) within the 8-hour time limit placement will be determined by the person or team completing the distance (laps) in the shortest amount of time.

Example: Runner 101 completes 10 laps with a final time of 7 hours 45 minutes and runner 105 Completes 10 laps with a final time of 7 hours 32 minutes runner 105 will be the winner.

Any lap completed after the 8-hour time limit will NOT be counted.  Therefore be confident of the time you will need to complete your final lap to ensure arrival at the final finish PRIOR to the 8-hour limit.


Check-in, Check-out procedure:

Each racer must check-in and check-out of each lap.

The ski lodge patio will be used for timing.  As you enter the patio you must stop and present your bib # to the staff at the check in table. Each racer must wait for confirmation from the timing staff that they have been logged in and time noted.

After handling your aid/refuel/restroom/team transitioning (all available on the patio/lodge area) you will depart the patio to the west, stopping at the check-out table, presenting your bib # and awaiting confirmation that the timing staff has logged and noted your departure time.


Course Rules:

Runners and riders will share much of the same course.

The entire first mile (and 1,000’ of elevation gain) is climbing.

Runners will depart the double track/road to the Continental Divide Trail before the Riders do.

Prior to this departure Riders have right of way, due to the steepness of the road and difficulty of making this climb while staying on your bike. With that right of way comes the responsibility to KINDLY announce yourself and your intention as you approach a runner from the rear. “Coming around you on your left….”


The Continental Divide Trail will be busy with hikers all day and they have the right of way at all times, please be courteous to other trail users.

When the riders join the Continental Divide Trail they again have right of way. This section of the trail is fairly fast and flowing single-track. Again, with this right of way comes the responsibility to KINDLY announce yourself and your intentions. PLEASE allow time for runners to step safely off the trail allowing riders to pass.


Once the summit has been reached and you begin the descent, RUNNERS have the right of way all the way to start finish patio. RIDERS, this means it is your responsibility to control your speed and allow adequate time, space and distance to SAFELY and Comfortably pass runners while descending.


The descent is a mix of remote/rough double track to high speed dirt service road.

There are several sections combining VERY TIGHT CORNERS, with VERY LOOSE GRAVEL!!!

Use caution and pay attention.

All of these trails and roads get very limited activity. Large rocks, large and small logs and branches are common and should be expected.



Teams of riders and runners may consist of 2-4 members. Each member of your team MUST sign his or her own individual event waiver.

Teams may mix and complete laps in any order they wish. The only rule here is that the team member that starts a lap must complete the entire lap, (no splitting or breaking up a lap).

Teams MUST exchange their bib number at the timing area and the team bib # must be carried on each lap by the racer completely that lap. Your bib must be available to show race staff on course.



Aid and support may be handled in either (or both) of two ways.

The patio of the ski lodge/timing area is available (outside only!) for you to leave supplies, crew, family, team members, bikes, etc.

(Please organize and handle your aid as to not interfere with racers moving through the timing lanes, and check-in/check-out tables.)

Additionally you are allowed to leave the course to visit your vehicle or camping area to use as aid/support.

However you do it. It is your responsibility to check-in and check-out of each lap. We don’t care how you do it but we strongly suggest you check-in upon arrival, aid if you are using the deck, then check-out as you leave the deck. If you are going to a vehicle we strongly recommend you check-in, immediately check-out, then go to your vehicle prior to heading back out on course. It is up to you, but if you forget to check-in or out your lap will not count!



Any emergency on course, if you have a cell phone call 911 then Morgan at 303-475-6053 or Mike at 970-398-0612, Then, alert a rider to relay the information to the start/finish line. We are all in this together and keeping each other safe is most important to all of us.


Race Hard, Have Fun, Take a lot of Pictures and enjoy the Fierce Beauty of the Wolf.